Restoring All Things

The Prophetic Movement served the same purpose as the previous restorational moves of God. Each movement took Christ’s Church one step closer to its full restoration and maturity. in preparation for its end-time ministry. It was and is divinely ordained work of the Holy Spirit to restore and reactivate certain truths, ministries, spiritual experiences and manifestations in the Church.

The Prophetic Movement met the seven principles or criteria that must be met by any truly God-ordained restoration movement. It fulfilled these seven conditions as the previous four movements fulfilled them.

* Divine enlightenment and revelation knowledge of the new truths and ministries
* The translation from occasional individuals to a consistent company.
* New divine authority and anointing for establishing the new truths and ministries.
* A small beginning in an insignificant place and then covering the earth.
* Power to reproduce by teaching, training, activating and maturing the saints in its truths and ministries.
* Practiced and publicized until controversial, contested and then finally accepted.
* New songs, choruses, and other music portraying the restoration message.

All Holy Spirit orchestrated restorational movements that have taken place over the last five hundred years have met these requirements. Even the “Jesus the Messiah Movement” and the “New Testament Church Movement,” as described in the Gospels and the book of Acts, met all these seven principles. The recent and continuing Prophetic Movement includes the seven principles of a true RESTORATION MOVEMENT.